European Fencing Confederation Confédération Européenne d’Escrime

Dear Member Federations,

With great joy on behalf of the Management Board of the European Fencing Confederation and own behalf, I would like to welcome all participants at the beginning of the European Championships U23 in fencing in Plovdiv.  In particular, I welcome all the fencing, coaches, referees and activists of the European Fencing Confederation. I also welcome the fans of fencing gathered in the audience.

I am very glad that the European Championships U23 in Plovdiv gained approval of all members of the Confederation, and gathered in this place such a large group of people. Championships taking place today is thanks to the enormous commitment of all people working in the preparation of the event, organizers, activists and volunteers.

No less value is given us support and hospitality of the authorities of Plovdiv and the possibility of organizing in this city European Championships U23 in fencing. For its part, I hope that this great cooperation will be able to be continued in future years.

Many thanks will also be given to the sponsors and partners of this tournament, who are supportive of the organizers. Without their lecture, it would be difficult to maintain the organization of this event at such a high level.

I wish success to all fencers, coaches satisfied with the results, and fans great excitement and wonderful memories of participation in the European Championships U23  in Plovdiv!

Stanislav Pozdnyakov

President of the European Fencing Confederation

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